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AAMC assigns an identification number to medical students, medical residents, medical school faculty members and others with whom it has a relationship. The number is used purely for unique identification and does not by itself confer any privileges or access rights to the user. You can use this application to find out if you have an AAMC ID and, if you do, to retrieve the number.

The identification system used by AAMC uses a variety of information to identify you, including name, contact information and birth date. Depending on the nature of your relationship with AAMC, your name and birth date may be in our records, but not your current contact information, but the reverse could also be true. To maximize the possibility of finding your AAMC ID, if you have one, you should supply all of the information on the form.

AAMC logs all inquiries through this system, but any personal information you may supply is maintained in a secure environment, protected in the same way applicant and faculty data are protected.


If you have any questions, please contact us at gq@aamc.org.

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