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Program Fact Sheet
    Grant/ Wisconsin

Name of Program:

Wisconsin Primary Care and Psychiatry Shortage Grant

Program Web site:


Designation (Fund Source):


Eligible Specialties:

Psychiatrists and Primary Care Physicians (primary care includes family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, and general surgery)

Service Requirements (formerly Service Stipulation):

After completing a graduate medical training program in the state of Wisconsin, primary care physicians and psychiatrists must practice in an underserved area in the state of Wisconsin for at least one year.

Who Can Apply:

Primary Care Physicians or Psychiatrists who complete or completed a graduate medical education training program in the state of Wisconsin in 2014 or after.


The forms will be available for download on HEAB’s website in May of each year. The forms must be completed and submitted to HEAB by May 31st. See how to apply below for more information.

Repayment/Scholarship terms:

After each year of practicing in an underserved area in the state of Wisconsin, primary care physicians and psychiatrists may submit a claim for financial assistance. The Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB) will award up to 12 primary care physicians and up to 12 psychiatrists each year. Claim for assistance forms will be available each May. In June, HEAB will notify applicants whether or not they will receive a financial assistance award for the year.

Amount of repayment per year of service:

The minimum annual award is $20,800. Primary care physicians and psychiatrists may receive awards in no more than three years.

How to Apply:

To be considered for a financial assistance award, applicant must complete steps 1 through 3: Submit the Notice of Intent, Practice in an Underserved Area and Submit a Claim for Financial Assistance. See website for more information on this process.

Additional Information/Comments:

Contact person(s):

Name, title:

Joy Dyer,  Grant Specialist

Agency name:

Higher Educational Aids Board


PO Box 7885,
Madison, WI 53707-7885


(608) 267-2212


(608) 267-2808




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