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Please enter the following information to allow us to create an AAMC user account for you. For AMCAS, the information you enter below will enable the AAMC to initiate an application on your behalf, and to associate any previous AAMC records, such as MCAT scores, with your current AMCAS application.  Entering accurate biographic information on this page is strongly recommended to ensure correct account creation and a successful future AMCAS application process.  The AAMC is not responsible for delays that result from inaccurate registration information, and entering false information may result in an investigation.

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Need Help? Contact us at FAP@aamc.org

  Please enter your U.S. Social Security Number (SSN). If you do not have or prefer not to enter the number, please contact (202) 828-0600 to obtain a Proxy ID number. The Proxy ID is a number assigned to you by AMCAS for use in your application as a substitute ID number if you do not have or choose not to use your SSN.
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