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Additional Application Requirements

Required before application can be processed:

  • Completed Cook County Health & Hospital System - Certificate of Compliance annual review form /immunization form with lab results.  (APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED WITHOUT THIS FORM WILL BE DENIED).
  • Proof of an annual Quantiferon Gold OR Proof of a 2-step ppd.   (Applications without this proof will be denied)

    What is a two step?  -  First test must be administered and then evaluated (read) 48-72 hours later, no earlier and no later.  A minimum of 7 days after the administration of the first test, the second test can be administered.  The second test is evaluated 48-72 hours later.  

  • Backgound Check -  If your school performed a background check when you matriculated, your school's VSAS administrator should check "yes" line 15 on verification page - If not,  student should have a background check performed, have results sent to your school for reading and updating VSAS verification page. 
  • Proof of annual Flu immunization (rotations from October - March).

Prior Approval - Some departments require prior approval before a student can be registered for and offered an elective position.  Please submit your application in VSAS after you have been approved by the appropriate department representative. Please send email to for 2015-2016 academic calendar and List of prior approval elective contact persons.

ORTHOPEDIC  SURGERY PLEASE NOTE:  Deadline to submit applications to the Department of Orthopedics  IS  APRIL 17, 2015.  Please contact Phyllis Velez: for more information and instructions.




Important Dates


VSAS Application Requirements

  •  Photograph
  •  Curriculum Vitae
  •  Transcript
  •  Immunization Form

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Medical Student Programs
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