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Additional Application Requirements

-Our electives are offered in calendar-month blocks
beginning on the first day of each month and ending on the last day of each month.  You can put your school's dates (keep in mind it is harder to get approved for "off cycle" dates). 
Visiting students can apply to rotate August through May.  We do not accept visiting students in June or July.  Approval to rotate at McGovern Medical School UTHSC Houston is granted solely by the Office of Student Affairs and students will be notified through VSAS.  Approvals obtained by the student directly from the department's physician(s) or coordinator(s) will not be honored.
-Applications are due no later than 30 days prior to the requested month.  Normal process time is 3-4 weeks.  Applications will be reviewed after June 1st.  Approval or denial will be sent via email.
-You are allowed to rotate for only 2 months.
-Incomplete applications will NOT be processed.  Supplemental documents must be uploaded in order for us to process your application.
-If a performance evaluation is not included with your application, a McGovern Medical School student evaluation will be completed and submitted to your school.
We have a no change policy.  Which means if you are accepted for a rotation and you need to change either your date(s) or course number(s), you will need to cancel your application and re-apply.  Your new application will be reviewed in the order it was received.  There are no guarantees that your new application will be approved. 

-Upload as a supplemental document -Health insurance card (front and back)
-Upload as a supplemental document - USMLE score report
-Application Processing Fee of $50 per approved elective. This payment can be made only by money order, payable to UTHSC. This payment will be due after an elective is approved and accepted by the student.  The student will have 1 week to send the fee to UT Health, if not received the student will lose their elective.
-Changes to an approved/accepted elective(s) will be charged $50.  This payment also needs to be an US money order, payable to UTHSC.  




Important Dates

VSAS Application Requirements

  •  Photograph
  •  Curriculum Vitae
  •  Transcript
  •  Host's Immunization Form

Institution Contact

Jamie Munsinger
Administrative Coordinator
Student Affairs
6431 Fannin
Houston, TX 77030
(713) 500-5167
(713) 500-0616